As a small  group we had a huge task in front of us. The invitations had been sent out and the response was encouraging. We had a total of 48 persons to cater for. A good mix of family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours.

The shopping was done and the day dawned bright and clear. The ovens were switched on and the cooking began. A few short hours later the guests began to arrive and there was an air of expectancy. Something good was about to happen!

Unite Band, (our Youth Band) led by Richard,  provided live music to welcome our guests. As if moved by an unseen hand, a steady stream of hot food was brought to each table. The aroma wafted across the room and the noise of cutlery was heard as we all tucked into the meal. Yummy! 

From my table I observed guests and local church members engaging in conversation. There was a real  sense of family in the room and everyone seem to be enjoying themselves. The gentleman seated near me was so captured by the music that we gave up trying to engage him in conversation!

At the end of the meal our guests were not in a hurry to leave. Fond farewells were said and the grand clear up began. Many people helped to clear the tables and shared with us their comments and compliments.

Some of our our guests said, “what a great atmosphere! The food was really good! We loved the music. It was a fantastic meal! Such a peaceful atmosphere! You all did a great job!“ The general feedback was a resounding “well done” to our team.

Although some of our members were unable to be with  us today, Yahshua stood with us and gave us the strength to do the incredible. All  the glory goes to Him!  


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