by Grace Thompson

Located in the beautiful countryside of Letchworth, Hertfordshire is the Wymondley Wood Scout & Guide Centre. This was the chosen location for our Parent Café Camp.

The accommodation was adequate for our needs and outside there was a variety of  areas for our young people to explore and play games. The site was situated at the top of a hill, which gave us some stunning views of the town near by. The grounds was spacious and great for ball games etc. It was very peaceful, and only the sound of voices broke the silence.

On the first night we arrived at different times, and some of us had an eventful journey, but we were happy to be together, at last!

On  the first day we went for a walk in the woods where we discovered a pond and a stream. Some of the young people collected kindling and later gathered wood into a pile for the camp fire. Some us played tabletop games while others explored the grounds.

 After lunch we had archery lessons from a professional couple. We had a lot of fun learning this new skill, as this was new to some of us. Arrows landed in some unusual places and gave us a lot of laughs.

Later that afternoon we had a visit from members of the Hitchin fellowship. Several ball games were played and we enjoyed the company of our visitors.

The day came to a close with supper around the camp fire. This was enjoyed by all and we didn’t want it to end. But before going to bed some of us just had to have that last game of scrabble!

The next day we had Sunday School, which was well attended. The theme was, What is the Church? and How can I be a part of it? This was illustrated by various mime groups and overhead pictures. The message was easy to understand but powerful.

All too soon it was time to pack up and return home, but first we shared what we thought about the weekend. 

Some of the comments were, “ Epic! Fabulous! Best weekend! Amazing! A great experience! Wicked! Great location! We had great fun! I liked archery. Can we stay here forever?

 We look forward to building on what was achieved this weekend. relationshipscamp. 


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