calling all friends This is a really big deal for our community Dance and Drama Group - they are performing at the Pavillion Stage Front Lawn on Armed Forces Day at Waddesdon Manor - their biggest crowd & stage to date!!! they will be performing A special Supporting Dove Dance Drama & Mime Group at Mad@waddesdonribute to our armed Forces entitled "Courage" .....- they have worked so hard and I am so proud of them so if your able to come along and cheer them on please do..............

"There will be a mass picnic meet up on front lawn 2.00pm on the day" Dove Performances will be at 4.15   A display of improvised dance and mime depicting the Blitz years; the sights, sounds, drama and the
courage accumulating in a tribute to the fallen  

Dove will be the last act of the day on Pavillion stage 
A tribute to our serving forces and to the fallen