we just wanted to say that we (cuprojects) are stopping the drop in for the forseeable future - this was a hard decision to make!! i have to say! as this was the first project we set up in the area! however we are evaluating all our project work and as funding it is not forthcoming in many areas ! we have had to make a decsion on where we should focus, and as you know we do run cuprojects voluntarily and part of that evaluation has had to look at time, staffing funding and resource! 
we will of course still be running our community breakfasts rallys 1940's event roast dinners and other projects but for now the DROP In will cease.
we are working hard behind scenes to raise funding for what we do and I think you know how very much we love working in and around the community 

thanks again for those that attend and have attended - we have appreciated the support.
and hey when one door shuts another one opens right! 

Take Care
Richard & Shoshana (Cuprojects)

ps - we are still running the sunday school 10.45 to 11.45 followed by a cuppa and chat till 1.00pm - so you all very welcome there