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You are invited to ‘SOUPER SUNDAY’:

Something for all ages- FREE EVENT

Sunday November 18th   from 3.45pm    

At Quarrendon & Meadowcroft Community Centre  

We’ll be serving up soup and rolls

‘It’s time to meet the puppets’

Aylesbury’s got musical talent


An interview with Shaun Spowart from Hope UK

Shaun was a one man crime wave with a drugs problem who now runs some amazing

Community Projects in Nottingham


16th September, 2012 by Grace

The roast dinner today was very different from the one held in March this year. No, the menu hadn’t changed but the personnel had.


For a number of years Richard and Shoshana had worked tirelessly trying to win the support of our local supermarket - Tesco.

This year their persistence and our prayers won the day!

The Catering Manager for Tesco came on board with this project and agreed to Tesco paying for the food and she would help us serve the meal on the day!  Isn’t Yahweh good? We give Him all the glory.


This time we had more people on hand to help with setting tables etc.

A special mention to Deborah and her helpers for the “sabbath meal” type of  beauty displayed on the tables.


Some guests said, “when we saw the layout of the tables, we felt we were in a hotel. Also, the food was excellent! So well organised. Wow! That was good. My daughter and her friend enjoyed the food so much they went for seconds! Thank you for inviting us.”


Even before we served the meal Yahshua was busy ministering to one of the guests. He was present to comfort and to heal.


I hope the photograph confirms what happened today; as the Church, CUP-( community unity projects) and the Community Officer came together for this event!

This is indeed a New Day for Aylesbury!


Lunch Club - starts again this friday 7th September 11.00am onwards

Music lessons start back monday 10th ( will post details in group)

Cook Around The Clock - cooking project Monday 10th - 12 noon

really looking forward to seeing everyone!

Dove Dance starts back Wednesday 12th September 

(Cuprojects) Dove Dance Drama & Mime Group  full rehearsal tonight for waddesdon

note 4th July will be last session return september 

in advance of sunday - HUGE THANKS for the army of folk that have helped - getting tickets,selling raffle tickets,set up, providing cake, taking photos,filming, and a whole lot more - Real Blighty Blitz Spirit! it is worth it! Rich and Shana x 

Ladies that walk is a keep fit initiative and is open to any woman who would like good company and fresh air ! Come rain or shine.
This is a community Unity Project. Shoshana Willetts will be doing the first walk this coming Monday 19th Sept 2011, at 9.30am
meeting up at the Quarrendon & Meadowcroft Community, Centre, car park.