16th September, 2012 by Grace

The roast dinner today was very different from the one held in March this year. No, the menu hadn’t changed but the personnel had.


For a number of years Richard and Shoshana had worked tirelessly trying to win the support of our local supermarket - Tesco.

This year their persistence and our prayers won the day!

The Catering Manager for Tesco came on board with this project and agreed to Tesco paying for the food and she would help us serve the meal on the day!  Isn’t Yahweh good? We give Him all the glory.


This time we had more people on hand to help with setting tables etc.

A special mention to Deborah and her helpers for the “sabbath meal” type of  beauty displayed on the tables.


Some guests said, “when we saw the layout of the tables, we felt we were in a hotel. Also, the food was excellent! So well organised. Wow! That was good. My daughter and her friend enjoyed the food so much they went for seconds! Thank you for inviting us.”


Even before we served the meal Yahshua was busy ministering to one of the guests. He was present to comfort and to heal.


I hope the photograph confirms what happened today; as the Church, CUP-( community unity projects) and the Community Officer came together for this event!

This is indeed a New Day for Aylesbury!

community breakfast on 14th feb & watch this space for our special Traditional Jubilee breakfast on 5th June -not to be missed! details nearer the time!