Dare to be happy when a new day does start,
Dare to be sad, when pain touches your heart,
Dare to remember that he’ll always stay,
Right by your side, whatever comes your way.
When there is darkness, dare to show light, 
When you see wrong, dare to do right.
When you are down, dare to fight back,
When it’s too hard he will pick up the slack.
When you need hope, dare to find some,
When you are scared, dare to go on.
When you see someone hurting, dare to offer a hand,
Dare to be strong, dare to make a stand.
When you see someone lost, dare to show,
Them the right path, the way that you know.
When you meet someone new, dare to make them smile,
The warmth you’ll feel will last more than a while.
Dare to be sure, when the day ends,
That you’ve done your best, for family and friends.
Dare to live your life, they way that he would,
Dare to do everything you knew you could.
Dare to be a mirror, reflecting his love,
Dare to be an example, for Yahweh above.
Dare to spread his news, shout it out loud,
Dare to be you, making him proud.